Testing & Evaluation

Evaluators of Components, Assemblies and Sub-systems for Design Phase Evaluations through Final Acceptance and Qualification

Whether the test need is for early design-phase parts evaluation or for final qualification / acceptance, Fifth Gait Technologies will identify the tests program required, develop detailed test plans, identify the appropriate test facilities, perform the test and analyze results with system use in mind in accordance with established standards. Fifth Gait performs operational testing of DoD components in nuclear environments to provide support for design, development and end-to-end simulations


Test Planning & Execution

  • Generate detailed test plans
  • Identify appropriate test capabilities
  • Perform tests at established facilities
  • Provide required test documentation
  • Evaluate system impacts
  • Offer mitigation solutions

Special Test Capabilities

  • Radiation Component Assembly and Subsystem Testing
  • X-ray Materials and Optics Test (XTRRA)
  • IR Sensor/Focal Plan Array test (NICSSim)
  • Original develepers or the Longmire Laboratory 

Test Facilities 

  • NICSSim Infrared Sensor Test
    • Non-stationary Infrared Clutter Simulator
    • Multi-spectral Scene Projector (MSSP)
  • Optical Characterization and Materials Laboratory
  • Tests conducted in all national radiation facilities
  • Unique test capabilities development atNational Ignition Facility
    • Double Eagle and OMEGA
    • Fifth Gait - Colorado Springs
    • Arnold AFB, Tennessee