System Survivability & Hardened Designs

Architects of Survivability for Systems of National Interest

Fifth Gait Technologies, Inc. provides end-to-end comprehensive survivability engineering for strategic, space and missile defense systems.


Survivable system architectures

  • Requirements and requirements flow-down
  • Concepts of operation
  • System construct
  • Subsystem design and operation
  • Survivability program plans

Engineering Hardened Systems

  • System layout and shielding studies
  • Systems Electronics Design (power, circumvention and recovery)
  • Sensor Design & Integration
  • Components (PMAP, T&E )
  • Optics and materials
  • Processing in adverse environments

Performing Integration, Verification & Test

  Test capabilities and methodologies

Developing Survivability Standards since the 1980s

  • DTRA HAENS – High Altitude Exoatmospheric Survivability Standard
  • DTRA SSNS – Satellite System Natural & Nuclear Environments Standard