Operational Environments & Effects

Creators of Environment and Effects Definitions that support Requirements Operation Performance Assessments

Fifth Gait Technologies, Inc. provides expertise in with space, nuclear weapon, and man-made environment models; environment flow down and radiation transport, component/system response modeling, and radiation testing to support requirement definition and operational performance assessments.


Areas of expertise

  • Natural & Space Weather
    • Space Radiation
    • Trapped Radiation Belts
    • Radiation Effects on Electronics
  • Nuclear Weapons Environments and Effects
    • Satellites / Missile Defense
  • Non-nuclear Environments and Effects
    • Optical / IR environments
    • Atmosphere
  • Other Effects
    • Directed Energy
    • Electro-magnetic Effects
    • Lightning and Rain

Software & Analysis Tools

  • SIRE2 and CREME96 space radiation models including environment definition & effects modeling satellite and missile operation
  • AE9/AP9/SPM Trapped Radiation Environment and Transport Tools
  • NWETran nuclear weapon radiation environment transport
  • SPIET-D - engagement modeling to define environments based on system characteristics
  • Launch to Intercept Simulation Nuclear Weapons Effects models
  • Electro-optic sensor performance modeling including radiation effects
  • Laser propagation and laser damage effects
  • LaserCom receiver(BER) noise in radiation environments