Modeling & Simulation

Developers of Models and Simulators for Evaluation of Response to Radiation Environments

Fifth Gait Technologies Inc. continues to be an industry leader in creating specialized models and simulators to evaluate
system, subsystem and component response to radiation environments
as well as shielding effectiveness for security, reconnaissance, surveillance and space and missile defense applications.


Nuclear Environments and Effects Models

  • XTRRA (X-ray Transport and Radiation Response Assessment) Toolkit for the design and response simulation of optical components and other Materials
    • Discrimination Modeling
    • Target Response Models
  • Real-time flight simulations with nuclear effects
  • Simulation of nuclear effects on E/O sensors
    • High fidelity (FPA, signal processing)
    • Low fidelity (Hendrick-Goldflam model)
  • Radiation shielding effectiveness models for various environments

Modeling Tools to Support Test

  • Facility models for Test Planning
  • Statistical analysis & signal processing tools for sensor testing
  • Assessment of system implications