Protecting your mission-critical components is our passion.

  • Raytheon 2017 Supplier Excellence Epic Award
  • Department of Defense Nunn Perry Award
  • AS9100 Certification
  • NIS Compliance

Radiation Testing & Evaluation

Fifth Gait’s radiation and electronics testing team has been on the leading edge of electronics testing for over a decade. As the original developers of the Longmire Laboratory, we have been the leading developers of many national test resources, and we are here to provide an array of services from early design-phase parts evaluation to final qualification, including:

  • Develop detailed test plans
  • Identify appropriate test capabilities
  • Find appropriate test facilities
  • Perform tests and established facilities
  • Analyze the results with system use in mind

Special Test Capabilities

Along with evaluating system impacts and offering mitigation solutions, Fifth Gait performs operational testing of components in space radiation environments and man-made radiation environments. We provide design support, development, and end-to-end solutions including:

  • Electronics testing in man-made and natural environments
  • Radiation testing and evaluation of materials, assemblies, and subsystems
  • Structures, Optics, and Coating Testing
  • Sensor/Focal plane array testing including radiation effects
  • Operational testing of sensor functions
  • Novel test methodologies for complex systems and materials
  • Special diagnostics and platforms at national radiation test facilities

Infrared Sensor Test and Capability Simulations

Fifth Gait Technologies has developed novel test methodology based upon the Nonstationary Infrared Simulator (NICS) Chamber. The NICS Chamber gives us the ability to provide focal plane array technology assessment for sensor operation, including acquisition, tracking, discrimination, and imaging. We also provide radiation environment testing at appropriate facilities and online reporting and analysis for rapid test conduct and control.

Modeling & Simulation

Fifth Gait is an industry leader in modeling and simulation. We excel in creating specialized environments and effects models that evaluate system, subsystem, component, and materials response to radiation environments. We also evaluate shielding effectiveness for security, reconnaissance, surveillance, and space and missile defense applications.

X-Ray Hardened Designs

The X-ray Radiation Response and Assessment Toolkit and Testbed (XTRRA) was developed jointly by Fifth Gait Technologies and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories to provide key data for assessment of materials and support modeling of material response to impulse heating. The Fifth Gait Team developed a comprehensive material database using parts and current test data for use in modeling. We tested structural materials and mirrors of system relevance, developed a modern diagnostic suite to provide hardness information and models to current systems. The XTRRA Toolkit supports ongoing Strategic and Missile Defense System development, DoD System development, and X-ray/laser facility test design and support.

Space Environments and Effects

The Space Ionizing Radiation Environments and Effects Toolkit (SIRE2) was developed and is maintained by the team at Fifth Gait. SIRE2 is the most comprehensive tool for evaluating current systems based upon our knowledge of radiation effects and available data. Fifth Gait experts support space radiation environments, effects risk assessment, space radiation hardened design improvements, and radiation effects testing. We can improve situation awareness by reducing environmental degradation on surveillance and scientific sensors during solar storms.

X-Ray Hardened Designs

  • Real-time flight simulations with nuclear effects
  • Effects simulation on E/O sensors
  • High fidelity (focal plane array signal processing)
  • Low fidelity (Hendrick-Goldflam model)
  • Maintain & develop radiation transport tools
  • End-to-end system modeling support for radiation effects
  • Modeling tools to support test
  • Facility models for Test Planning
  • Statistical analysis & signal processing tools for sensor testing
  • Assessment of system implication
  • Advanced image, data, and sensor processing

Mission Assurance

Fifth Gait Technologies develops and deploys solid Mission Assurance Plans, which follow strict quality measures through every stage of the program – from design to development and testing. To ensure the mission success, we provide:

  • System engineering
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance, and
  • Proven management principles

Our goal is to support our customers’ critical business processes. We address risk through our strong program management practices and implement a cross-functional approach that supports current programs of record for any size program. Fifth Gait offers training in key management areas such as:

  • Earned Value Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Master Scheduling
  • Risk & Opportunity Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration/Data Management
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