Nunn Perry Award

Fifth Gait Technologies is thrilled to have received one of eight 2017 Nunn Perry Awards from the Department of Defense. The award is the highest a company can earn in the Mentor-Protege program and honors small businesses who have shown both initiative in growth and made outstanding achievements throughout the program.

Epic Award

Fifth Gait Technologies is proud to have received one of thirty-three of 2016 Raytheon EPIC Award for Supplier Excellence in Performance, Innovation & Collaboration.

Mentor-Protege Award

The CEO and founder of Fifth Gait Technologies, Dr. Kathryn Doughty, attended the signing ceremony for MDA Mentor Protege Award between Raytheon and Fifth Gait Technologies Inc. (Fifth Gait) on 13 April 2016 in Tucson, AZ. The Raytheon Missile Systems division is mentoring Fifth Gait; Fifth Gait is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California with key operations in Huntsville, AL and Colorado Springs, CO to best support MDA. Fifth Gait leadership consists of scientists and engineers directly involved in the development of most Missile Defense concepts and ystems over the last 30+ years. To find out more about this award visit page 9 of MDA's Quarterly Newsletter here.


Outstanding Paper Awards

Rose, M., Peter Coakley, Dennis Breuner, Paul Simpson, William Seidler, Jonathan Fisher, and Stan Berry. 1999. “Impact of Neutron-Induced Upsets on Missile Interceptors.” Outstanding Paper Award for the 1999 HEART Conference (Monterey, CA). Journal of Radiation Effects, Research, and Engineering, Vol. 18.

Doughty K, R. Goldflam, "Effects of Radiation Noise and Mitigation Techniques on Location and Identification of Targets". Outstanding Paper Award for the  2003 HEART Conference (Albuquerque, NM). Journal of Radiation Effects, Research, and Engineering, Vol. 22.

Fournier, K B, M J May, J D Colvin, J O Kane, J Celeste, Jonathan H. Fisher, R Horton, et al. 2010. “Multi-keV X-Ray Environments at the National Ignition Facility for Radiation Effects Studies.” Outstanding Paper Award for the 2010 HEART Conference (Tucson, AZ). Journal of Radiation Effects, Research, and Engineering, Vol. 29.