Fifth Gait Technologies, Inc., a small disadvantaged, minority-woman owned small business founded in October 2007, emerged with core expertise in radiation technologies, electro-optical (EO) sensor design and detector physics, and system survivability. Since its inception, the company has evolved its capabilities into becoming the leading provider of nuclear hardened designs which have the ability to not only survive, but operate through challenging environments. Fifth Gait scientists and engineers continue to develop radiation standards, software and tools, and unprecedented design technologies. As a result, the company offers unparalleled system and component performance via operational environments and effects analysis, modeling, simulation, test and evaluation to design, enhance or ruggedize any system.


Furthermore, Fifth Gait Technologies utilizes company developed sensor system design and image processing to develop multi-platform systems for the commercial sector and providing capabilities such as natural resource preservation, disaster avoidance, environmental protection, public safety, and production and supply chain optimization.


Services and products provided by Fifth Gait Technologies are delivered through disciplined Program Management and Quality practices. The company strives to provide customers with "The Next Step" in their business pursuits through flawless execution.