Dr. Kathryn Doughty

Dr. Kathryn Doughty is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Fifth Gait Technologies, Inc., a minority woman-owned small business specializing in system survivability, hardened systems, custom advanced sensor systems, operational environment and effects, modeling and simulation, test and evaluation, and program execution and mission assurance.  

Fifth Gait Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California and has offices and test centers* in Torrance, California; Colorado Springs, Colorado*; Huntsville, Alabama*; Raleigh, North Carolina and Ecuador.   

Doughty is a radiations-effects scientist with over a decade of experience in the effects of radiation environments on semiconductor devices and materials. Her work has included the prediction and simulation of natural and man-made space nuclear environments as well as performance prediction and testing of solid-state devices subjected to these environments. 

Prior to founding Fifth Gait Technologies, Inc., she served as project manager and technical lead at ATK for efforts on DTRA's Nuclear Capabilities Services (NuCS) program, the Sensors Hardening Technology program, as well as testing and modeling radiation environment effects on various sensors under gamma, proton, and neutron flux. 

Her recent work includes the development of NICSSIM, a simulation, data collection and data-analysis package facilitating testing with the NICS chamber. The NICSSIM Test-bed provides state-of-the-art test capability to support radiation hardness testing for MDA-sponsored infrared sensor programs, compliant with MDA-STD-001. 

Doughty's background includes the development of detectors and detector materials, testing, simulation and optimization of IR and visible detectors and device performance in degrading environments including natural and man-made nuclear environments. She has performed radiation environment predictions and effects and shielding effects for multiple U.S. Defense Programs.

She developed sensor models and model evaluation for various efforts that were incorporated into DTRA's THTk and SPIET-D programs. She has performed simulation and evaluation of the effects of radiation in-pixel mitigation schemes in FPAs under various system conditions and radiation environments. 

Doughty holds patent US5978399: Electrically-tunable infrared detectors and method based on intraband transitions in quantum well structures, 1999. She has authored a number of papers and was awarded Outstanding Paper at the 2003 HEART Conference. Active with the Hardened Electronics and Radiation Technology (HEART) conference, Doughty participated in the conference as General Chair, Session Chair and Technical Chair. 

Doughty holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Solid State Physics and a Master of Science in Physics from the University of California – Santa Barbara, and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the California Institute of Technology. She is a member of the HEART Society Steering Committee, an SRC Fellow and a member of Tau Beta Pi.

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